Project Maintenance
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Renown has developed a new Project Maintenance screen to significantly enhance the standard Project Maintenance offered in Microsoft Dynamics™ SL. The focus of the new functionality is to deliver greater efficiency in creating, maintaining and reviewing both Projects and Project Budgets.

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  A Tree control is provided to deliver easier maintenance of Tasks and Budgets.
 An enhanced Budget Maintenance screen is provided displaying both Cost and Revenue on the same row.
  Provides Project level security to Project and Budget Maintenance. Users can only see selected Projects.
  An Address tab has been added to make reviewing and editing addresses far easier and more efficient.
  An Enhanced Copy function is provided. Copies selected Tasks, Budgets, Project header and notes.
  Includes features for attaching Notes, Images, Files and Activity (Reminders, E-mails, Etc).
  Provides longer Description, 3 Extra Managers and many extra ID Fields in an improved screen layout.
  Improved display of Project Totals including summary of Revenue, Cost and Profit for the Project.

The project main tab has an improved layout making details easier to locate. The Description field has been lengthened and the Project Note has been embedded in the form to make the project scope visible to the user. Extra Project Managers can be defined for reporting and where necessary approvals.

A Tree Control has been added to the Tasks and Budgets tabs. 
Tree Controls provide many benefits to maintaining tasks and budgets.
  Strong visual display of the Work Breakdown Structure.
  Quick and easy filtering of grid rows to focus on a specific WBS area.
  Powerful Copy features Copy WBS sections within a Project or from one Project to another.

Converting Addresses to a grid makes adding, editing and reviewing Project Addresses simple and efficient. Addresses can be easily copied between projects or from external sources such as Excel.

The Project Totals tab has been enhanced to display summarised profitability for the Project without having to go to the Project Net Profit screeen.