Windows Service
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Renown's 'WinServ®' allows Windows Services to be configured for Microsoft Dynamics™ SL to automate scheduled or database polling events. 

Key functions that WinServ can perform include:
  Replace Microsoft Dynamics™ SL Communicator module
  Poll the OM Process Manager Queue for problem Shippers or Orders
       -  Send e-mail alerts for problem orders or shippers
       -  Retry generating Shippers for stuck orders
  Schedule Project  & Employee Manager Assignments and Delegations for Approvals
  Schedule any custom written stored procedure (requires purchase module)

Replace Microsoft Dynamics™ SL Communicator

Microsoft Dynamics™ SL Communicator module requires a dedicated workstation to be setup to poll the Communicator table. The dedicated Workstation:
-  Must be left logged in to Dynamics™ SL running the Communicator function.
-  Must have a licensed copy of Outlook running to send the e-mails.
-  Requires a 3rd Party product to be purchased and loaded (Click Yes or PTFB) to override the Outlook security.

This model poses security risks if the machine or Dynamics SL are not set up with the appropriate security rights.
If the workstation hangs or the Communicator application fails, which occurs more frequently than you would like, there is no reporting of the failure.  The first you know is when someone reviews the Communicator Machine or when Managers complain they are not getting alerts.  If you perform SQL Server reboots as part of your routine backup strategy the Communicator machine needs to be manually shutdown and restarted to restart the Communicator function.

All of the above can be easily overcome by installing the FREE Renown WinServ application on any Windows machine.
-  As it is a Windows Service it can configured to restart on machine reboot.
-  Event failures are e-mailed to a predefine recipient list.
-  E-mails are sent out using SMTP so Outlook is not required.
-  Does not require Microsoft Dynamics™ SL to be running in order to work.

OM Process Manager Monitor

Process Queue Alert A  Polls OM Process Queue and sends an E-mail alert when the queue contains more than the user defined Threshold.

Process Queue Alert B Polls the Process Queue for specific Event Types and sends an E-mail alert when the queue contains more than the user defined Threshold.

Alert for Stuck Orders  Tests for orders that have available inventory and approvals, but are not generating a Shipper.  It sends an e-mail alert for any orders that it finds that should have generated a Shipper, but have failed to do so. 

Advanced Stuck Shipper Detects Shippers that have failed to generate an Invoice.
-  Re-attempts creating the Invoice after two 30 minute intervals. 
-  If the Invoice still will not generate it will send an E-mail or SMS Alert.
-  Retries Invoice generation nightly after the OM Maintenance is finished.
-  Each morning it will send an E-mail Alert advising all stuck Shippers.

Manager Assignment & Delegation Automatic Updates

Renown's Manager Assignment and Delegations application allows quick and easy re-assignment of Managers for Employees, Projects or Documents.  The re-assignment can be an immediate change or scheduled for a future date.  It is possible to temporarily delegate a Manager for a defined period. The Employee, Project and Documents will be assigned to the Delegated Manager from the Start date and it will automatically revert back to the regular Manager at the End date.  

The automatic update of the Project / Employee Manager is performed by WinServ.  When a Manager assignment is scheduled it inserts a record in a schedule table.  The WinServ polls the Assignment Schedule table and when reassignments are due it performs the necessary updates to the Employee, Project and/or Document records.  This Windows Service event is only required if you have purchased Renown's Manager Assignment and Delegation module. 

Schedule Custom Events

If you purchase the full version of Renown's WinServ module you can build and schedule your own custom events.  It is possible to create any stored procedure, define it as a WinServ event and then schedule it to be processed by WinServ.  WinServ will support parameters being defined in the schedule and pass in to the stored procedure.  Renown provide an example stored procedure to insert records into the Communicator Table so that E-mail Alerts can be sent where required.

The primary purpose for the above is Alerting. Create custom stored procedures to test for any condition that managers or employees need to be alerted about. Configure the stored procedure to insert records into Project Communicator (PJCOMMUN) when an Alert condition occurs and WinServ will process the e-mail or SMS message to warn the Employee. SMS messaging requires an SMS provider.