VAT & Multi-Currency Processing / Reporting for Dynamics SL

Renown BlueWorld modules enhance standard Microsoft DynamicsTM SL , to assist international companies with VAT and multi-currency processing and reporting requirements.  If you have operations in multiplle countries trading in multiple currencies and require corporate or statutory reporting in both parent and subsidiary company currencies then please talk to Renown on how BlueWorld can assist in this process. 

Microsoft DynamicsTM SL has strong functionality for Inter-Company Processing, Company Consolidations and Financial Transaction Transfer “FTT”, enabling companies to track inter-company loans, revalue offshore entities and consolidate companies into a single home company base currency. BlueWorld can help where corporations need to perform real time transactional reporting in two currencies at once.
 BlueWorld Finance       BlueWorld Currency
BlueWorld Financials “BWF” allows Microsoft DynamicsTM SL Clients to maintain multiple ledgers in different base currencies. International companies can simultaneously report in parent Entity currency and subsidiary Entity currency to comply with individual statutory requirements. BlueWorld Currency “BWC” enhances data entry and reporting when processing data in currencies other than the Microsoft DynamicsTM SL base currency. Assists subsidiaries process local currency documents into a corporate currency databases.
 BlueWorld VAT       BlueWorld EC Sales
BlueWorld VAT “BWV” enhances the Microsoft Dynamics SL sales tax functionality to facilitate legislative reporting for Value Added Tax (VAT) in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and other VAT based countries. Dynamics SL calculates all taxes, but extra data is maintain for statutory reporting. BlueWorld ES Reporting (EC Sales Lists) enhances the BlueWorld VAT module to enable maintenance and tracking of sales between European companies in order to comply with VAT and EC Sales reporting requirements in those countries.

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