Renown has developed a number of enhancements to the Dynamics SL Financials Series to assist International Corporations and/or non-US companies with duel currency processing or legislative reporting for GST and VAT. 

Used by Dynamics SL user's World-Wide.

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  GST and/or VAT Reporting
Renown provide extensions to the standard  Dynamics SL tax functionality to facility GST and VAT reporting. Customisations address the legislative requirements in many countries including, Australia, New Zealand, England and others.
BlueWorld Finance BlueWorld VAT
BlueWorld Financials “BWF” allows Microsoft DynamicsTM SL Clients to maintain multiple ledgers in different base currencies. International companies can simultaneously report in parent Entity currency and subsidiary Entity currency to comply with individual statutory requirements.
BlueWorld VAT “BWV” enhances the Microsoft Dynamics SL sales tax functionality to facilitate legislative reporting for Value Added Tax (VAT) in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and other VAT based countries. Dynamics SL calculates all taxes, but extra data is maintain for statutory reporting.