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Microsoft Dynamics for Not For Profit Accounting Software

Successful management of a Not For Profit and R&D organisations is as demanding as it is detailed. Microsoft Dynamics AX and SL Not for Profit Accounting Software is a configurable Program and Project Management Accounting software for use by Not for Profit and R&D organisations.
Meticulous reporting practices and careful administration of operating expenses are essential for meeting compliance. Both are also important for demonstrating the efficient use of donated and allocated resources to secure future funding. All this can be extremely challenging when working with multiple fund sources and grants, each with its own set of reporting requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics allows team members to easily see and analyze the costs and activities of the programs and projects under their control. 

              Program and Project Team Members can use on-line Web Portals to access information 

It provides detailed, up-to-the-minute financial reports that help team members to make informed purchasing decisions, comply with reporting requirements, and ensure financial integrity and accountability.

Source of Fund Tracking, Management & Reporting
Microsoft Dynamics offers fund management features that can accommodate the special requirements in managing multiple funds across multiple projects. By automating fund management, our solutions help reduce errors associated with manual entry and manual reconciliation of funds. Most importantly, it makes reporting easier and accessible.

Grant Management
Microsoft Dynamics solutions help track grant funds and the projects to which those funds need to be applied, help monitor expenditures, and deliver timely reports for full disclosure. With up-to-date information about successful budgeting and grant performance, you can focus your time and energy on the management and allocation of grant funding, rather than spending time tracking allocations.

Encumbrances & Commitments Management with Workflow
Effectively tracking impending purchases and requisitions against budget allocations is essential to helping your organisation protect against overspending. It also ensures that administrators know how much of their budget has been accounted for at any given time.

Integrated HR Management & Payroll
An effective human resource management solution can help agencies track all aspects of their employee relations, from application and hiring, to compensation and benefits, to certification and education tracking, and much more. Microsoft Dynamics offers systems for timesheets, managing employee data, processing payroll, tracking benefits, and managing performance.

Browser Based Portal for Program & Project Management, Timesheets
Built with security in mind, the Browser based functionality allows your Program Managers to gain online self-service information on the programs and projects they are managing. Being browser based it is simple to roll out to all involved in the organisations across multiple locations.

Workflow & Alerts
Workflow and alerts are available for approvals of items such as Program or Project set-up, budgets, Requisitions and Purchase Orders etc. Using alerts the system can proactively message users of an event occurring such as an impending budget overrun.

Document Management linked to Programs & Projects
Integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, Projects can be linked to SharePoint document management sites to manage program and project documentation and provide a collaboration work space. Click to know more at Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint integration.

With over 20 years' experience in implementing Program and Project Accounting solutions, Renown understands your unique needs and is experienced in implementing solutions for program and project driven organisations. 

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Storing, Sharing and Collaboration

Microsoft Dynamics 'Out-of-the-box' works with Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Project.


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